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Website of pepperfry2015-Apr-24

Website of pepperfry


This ultra competitive environment leaves literally no time to invest in mundane things like shopping. Shopping is a tedious process and sometimes even takes


days, especially if Multicolor Printed Pony Compacta 100mm one is looking out to buy expensive or long term use Black Suede Compacta 100mm items such as electronics, furniture, etc. The best alternative that has taken India by storm in the last few years is the


trend of online shopping. Just like it's become easier and much more convenient to keep in touch with people or do work due to the internet, it has also become more easy to shop online.


When the trend of online shopping was catching up in India, people mostly bought stuff from foreign web portals. However, the sensibilities and culture abroad


is totally different from those present here and hence keeping them in mind, an exciting online portal was launched last year in January; PepperFry that specializes in retailing furniture goods and also has a vast collection of clothes and lifestyle products on offer. Online shopping for Indians has been made


easier by this particular web portal. It is a partnership project which was founded in July 2011 by two ex EBay employees.


Coming back to the wonders of online shopping, imagine the amount of time, energy and money which you can save up on by buying stuff with a couple of clicks of


a button, from the comfort of your home and at discounted rates. Considering India's weather conditions of heat and incessant rains, it becomes very irritating for people to go out on shopping


sprees. Majority of people that head to malls for shopping, end up merely window shopping because of the sky high rates that they cannot afford. It is any day better to scour for the best deals


online than run from pillar to post in a market in order to get good quality products at good prices as well.


A majority of the middle class and upper middle class Indians are busy working long hours in offices and when they get the weekends free, they feel like


resting at home or enjoying with loved ones. The weekly goods shopping though, takes up a huge chunk of their much awaited weekend time and they end up tired even on Saturdays and Sundays. Online


shopping lets them check out a variety of goods on the internet, their prices, the best deals, proper descriptions and their appearances. They can purchase so many things online in just their


lunch break itself. There is no need to waste precious weekend time on consuming and energy draining activities like shopping.


Social media has created a significant revolution of sorts. It is enticing and mostly everybody you know has a presence on such platforms. Corporate ventures


have also realised the potential of digital media. They have a strong presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. These platforms have played a role in reforming the


typical shopping experience. They have shortened the distance between online shopping portals and their loyalists and supporters. Through such mediums, people can understand the brand in a


closer Red Suede Belle Zeppa 100mm way and vice versa. Brands can understand the requirements of people and accordingly retail varied kinds of products.


I was on a popular brand's Pinterest page and I saw an image of these alluring pair of heels. The look of the crystal heel was enough to develop the urge of


purchasing those stilettos. Brands like PepperFry have an impactful presence on such visual content sharing platforms. Social media experts have stated that Pinterest plays a


role in driving sales and traffic to a website too. This further brings us to the importance of visual content in the present day world. Research has stated that people respond to images in a


better way than simple text. It is no surprise that brands have a page on Pinterest with attractive images of all their offerings.


People have always wondered about the role of twitter. Their point is that how can 140 characters build interaction between a brand and its customers. Brands


like Pepperfry conduct interesting contests that allow people to express their witty thoughts. Some of these contests


revolve around an important day or an occasion. People get to win exciting prizes and this also helps in cementing their relationship with the brand. After realizing the importance of twitter,


people have stopped doubting the power of 140 characters.


Online shopping can be a lonely experience. However, the advent of social media has completely changed this notion. Through their presence on digital media


platforms, brands have built a community experience. People can share their opinion with others over the quality of a product in the form of comments. Initially, brands had to entice people and


allure them to shop from their portals. However, this has been Black Leather Boudubou 160mm reversed with the increasing importance of social media in our life. They bring their unique range of products and commodities to

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We're still living with the consequences of 2015-Apr-24

We're still living with the consequences of 1965


Civil rights demonstrators, led by Dr. Martin Luther King (fifth from right), civil rights activist Ralph Abernathy (fifth from left), John Lewis (third from left) and other civil and religious leaders, make their way from Selma to Montgomery on March 22, 1965 in Alabama.(Photo: AFP/Getty Images)


If you had to pick a year that truly altered the course of history, greatly influenced the way we live today and produced consequences no one ever dreamed of, 1965 has to be the year.


My examples:


The Vietnam War. Medicare, Medicaid, federal aid to education. Ralph Nader and the consumer movement. The Moynihan Report on black families. The march in Selma, Alabama. The Head Start Preschool Program. The loosening of immigration laws. The Supreme Court striking down restrictions on birth control. The Voting Rights Act. The passage of The Great Society legislation. The assassination of Malcolm X. The creation of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Watts Riot. College protests against the war. The Great Northeast Blackout. And the release of the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction," Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone," and the Beatles' movie "Help."


Every one of those events will turn 50 this year. Get ready for a lot of bittersweet anniversaries.


Many observers see 1965 as the dividing line between the America of old and the cultural changes that we remember as "the Sixties." We would never be the Black Leather Zip 140mm same after 1965.


Consider education. For decades reformers pushed for federal aid to education. For just as many years, opponents of various stripes lined up to stop it. But in 1965, President Lyndon Johnson was riding high with his Great Society. He passionately believed in the power of schooling to lift people from poverty. He used his considerable persuasive powers to knock down the opponents' arguments.


He convinced opponents from the Midwest that Catholics would not get federal aid. He convinced Adam Clayton Powell, the powerful congressional committee chairman from Harlem, that federal aid would not Red Suede Belle Zeppa 100mm support racist schools in the South. And he convinced southern politicians that nothing in the bill would allow the federal government to interfere with the curriculum, select books for libraries or in any way control the local education system.


As usual for Green Suede Belle Zeppa 100mm the great dealmaker, Johnson and his bill would be all things to all men.


Sen. John Williams, the outspoken Delaware conservative, countered that the bill "contained the seeds of the first federal education system." It is merely the beginning, he warned.


"The flood of federal control is ready to sweep the land," Williams said.


Williams lost. Johnson's majorities from his 1964 rout over Republican Barry Goldwater gave him enough votes to give him anything he wanted.


But Williams of Delaware had a point.


Today we are dealing with the effects of federal involvement in education. We have federal school breakfasts and lunches, girls in sports, science equipment, and programs for children with disabilities. We also have No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top and "Priority Schools."


Overall, is it a gain or loss?


The Great Society produced two programs in 1965 that have greatly helped old and poor Americans ever since: Medicare and Medicaid. Today we worry about the growing costs of these programs. Yet in the pre 1965 days, many senior citizens could not afford doctors. Poor people had to go without medical attention. The Great Society changed that. However, we may go broke keeping up the payments. Do we get rid of them? Or do we overcome what seems to be our national character flaw and learn to control costs?


Speaking of character flaws . no, make that a character trap, 1965 was the year Lyndon Johnson escalated the war in Black Suede Belle Zeppa 100mm Vietnam. All the time he was promoting schools, hospitals and jobs, Johnson was planning a larger effort in Vietnam. Here Johnson becomes a tragic figure. He didn't want the war. But he felt trapped.


Lady Bird Johnson, in her diary, noted. "In talking about the Vietnam situation, Lyndon summed it up quite simply 'I can't get out, and I can't finish it with what I have. And I don't know what the hell to do.'"


Johnson's "trap" led to 58,000 American deaths and God knows how many Vietnamese deaths. It eventually split the country in two, practically destroyed our military and forever damaged confidence in our government. I can't read or talk about that time without a tinge of guilt or a feeling of heartbreak. I was extremely lucky. I graduated from high school in 1965. Within two months, I was in the Air Force learning a trade (you can blame the Air Force for this column). However, two friends from high school and one from around the corner were not as lucky. All three would be killed before they were 20.


If only Johnson knew what the hell to do.


Have we learned anything? We really didn't have an end in mind during the Vietnam War. Do you have one today?

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West Virginia's Dana Holgorsen2015-Apr-24

West Virginia's Dana Holgorsen


EST November 14, 2014


West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen has seen his team recruiting focus make an intriguing shift since joining the Big 12.(Photo: Tommy Gilligan, USA TODAY Sports)


After losing eight games in 2013, the program's first losing season since 2001, West Virginia secured bowl eligibility by winning six of its first eight games this season. Good times: WVU was not just bowl eligible but in the mix of the Big 12 Conference hunt, alongside Kansas State, TCU, Baylor and Oklahoma.


The Mountaineers have lost two in a row, however, each in near heartbreaking fashion. On Nov. 1, WVU lost on a last second field goal to the Horned Frogs. With that loss still lingering, the Mountaineers came out flat in a 33 16 loss at Texas.


FOOTBALL FOUR: Rating and debating college football and the Playoff


"They were confident," West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen said. "They had a lot of bounce in their step and we didn't. "I didn't sense it throughout the week. I sensed it as soon Red Leather Vicky Botta 120mm as we kicked the ball off, watching them have more energy and excitement. They had more of it than we did."


The two losses have sent West Virginia tumbling in the Big 12 race, but the Gray Suede Vicky Botta 120mm opportunity still remains for a successful season particularly given last year's losing record. After an off week, Holgorsen and the Mountaineers host Kansas State on Nov. 20.


Q: I know this isn't as happy a conversation as we could have had a week or two ago, so I apologize in advance.


A: Yeah, welcome to the wonderful world of college football, right?


West Virginia Mountaineers head coach Dana Holgorsen (left) talks with Oklahoma Sooners head coach Bob Stoops. (Photo: Andrew Weber, USA TODAY Sports)


Q: It's crazy to say the year's run off the rails, since you've got three games left, counting a bowl, and plenty of time to have a very successful season. At this point, is it a matter of reminding your team of this fact?


A: Like I said, welcome to the world of college football. It's just the way it Gray Suede Vicky 120mm is. When you're fortunate to be in a conference like we are in the Big 12, there's tons of parity. You've got to build your team and build your lineup and play the same way each and every week. That takes time. We're more equipped to be able to do that this year than we were in the last two years. Building the program, getting depth, getting guys in position that understand that what you're going to be in for. And if you don't play well you're going to get beat. That's just the reality of college football right now.


So I did have to do that after we lost to TCU. That was a tough deal. If we win that one, we're right in the hunt for the Big 12 title, obviously, and probably go to Texas in a little bit of a different frame of mind. With that Blue Suede Roche Mule 120mm said, we're not going to be Big 12 champs but you can't let that ruin your season. There's still things to play for. The main reason why you play is that you want to win the next game. Winning a game at the end of the week is an awful lot of fun. So that's goal number one.

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Personality Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas2015-Apr-24

Personality Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas


Hard to believe that the holiday season has once again arrived so quickly, so it is time for my annual personality perfect gift guide where I go in search of unique gift ideas for the different personalities on your shopping list. Here is what I found this year.


For the Budget Conscious Fashionista:


I get a lot of compliments when I wear fashions that I find at Kohl's, especially the J Lo line and the Rock Republic styles. Jennifer Lopez Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap has a fashion line that fits curves nicely and the price is right, too. Rock Republic has cutting edge styles and comfy jeans that can be purchased for both the gals and the guys. Also note that most of the time, the price will be lower at the register than what is marked on the price tag. I have never paid what the J Lo price tag says, as it is always less at check out. To see the cool styles I brought from J Lo and from Rock Republic, watch the segment. Also consider buying a Kohl's gift card so that your loved one can shop for the fabulous fashions.


And big news for Kohl's is the launch of cheap nfl jerseys French designer Catherine Malandrino for DesigNation who blends the energy of New York City with the elegance of Paris in her stunning clothes. Her styles are now sold for great prices at Kohl's, so give the fashionista on your list a cutting edge outfit from this cool line that is new to Kohls.


If you have a great guy that you want to give a wholesale nfl jerseys gift to that will remind him to relax and enjoy life, get him the fun KRUPS Beer Tender. This is a fun gift to give because your guy can keep his beer cold and serve it to friends and family easily from the counter sized appliance that looks a lot nicer than a keg. The Beer Tender is designed to dispense Heineken, Heineken Premium Light and Newcastle Brown Ale and the beer stays good for up to 30 days. Fun and unique gift for sure.


Not yet a teen, but too big for grade school, these girls love the Keds line, especially the black high top that is comfortable and stylish all in one. The Keds for Kate Spade line have super cute polka dot patterns and the Keds Rookie Wedge high tops are a favorite of my daughter's and her middle school friends. Keds are high quality shoes that have been around for a while and they are comfortable and good for your growing girl's feet.


One of my favorite lines that I discovered this year is the Nourish line. The Nourish Coconut Argan Oil is sold at Whole Foods and the Nourish Coconut Argan Body Wash and lotion are sold at exclusively at Target. Select the Signature set which is available in all of Nourish Organics scents, including luscious Fresh Fig, delectable Almond Vanilla, refreshing Lavender Mint, and sweet Wild Berries. The set is also available in Unscented for those looking for a great fragrance free gift option. The Nourish line is 100% USDA certified organic.


For the Festive Mani/Pedi Gal:


It is fun to give gifts that already come in holiday themed packaging, so I was happy to find


the Ciat nail polish line perfectly packaged for the holidays. The mini Paint Pots are filled with fun glitter shades that come in pretty Ciat tree trinkets. Each of the six Sephora exclusive pots are enclosed in a crystal clear bauble and finished with a signature black satin bow, making it a great gift idea. The limited edition pack contains six new glamorous glitter shades in Candy Cane, All Aglow, Yule Rules, Blizzard, Naughty or Nice and Glitterball, including six gift tags so you can give the entire set Cheap Nike Jerseys or multi task and present these fun polish presents to six different friends. I also like Ciat because this polish is free from Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene and Formaldehyde, plus they have a unique professional optimum 250 bristle, flat brush to give an even, smooth finish to the nails.


This is so cool because it doubles as a stylish purse, but it also carries and keeps a wine bottle cold. It is a wine clutch ($25) and Urbayn in Chandler carries lots of different colors and patterns. Fun and unique gift idea. Urbayn is located near the I10 and Ray Road in the Casa Paloma shopping center in Chandler.


I have looked and looked for a stylish Mini iPad holder and I finally found one, even though it isn't meant to be an iPad holder. Urbayn has envelope purses ($25) and a mini iPad fits perfectly in this stylish clutch. The store also carries a large variety of attractive full sized iPad carriers that are made to carry iPads.


I do think these guys are hard to shop for, so I asked my almost 16 year old son what teen guys like these days and he told me that watches are back in so that is a good one to know about. I also found some cool sports items at Urbayn. I picked up a cool golf sign ($15) that says, "When you have lots of things to do, get your GOLF GAME out of the way first" and since my son plays on the high school golf team, this was perfect. All kinds of sports are included in the sports gift section for guys. Another good stand by is to get a teen boy an Amazon gift card or Visa gift card. Teens and tweens love those.


For the Fashionable and Fun Hostess:


For the hostess that needs to don an apron while entertaining, I found one that is blinged out with words that say "group therapy" underneath a line of colorful cocktails at Bed, Bath Beyond for only $19.99. I love this!


Elizabeth Arden Untold perfume has a pretty floral scent and comes in a bottle and box that looks holiday festive.


For the Sweet Toothed Girly Girl:


Sass Factory brings together fashion and fun and takes me back to my own childhood because this toy is the age old pastime of paper dolls. Budding fashion designers can put their skills to the test by first choosing a bright pink or purple t shirt. Then they dress their Sass Factory Me T with one of the six different sassy characters and her playful pup. Whether the little girl you are shopping for is into fairy princesses or sports, there's a sassy dress up outfit to suit everyone's individual style. She can also mix and match parts of different outfits to put her own unique spin on each dress up style. The characters adhere to the shirts with Velcro and sticker material. Each t shirt set comes with one outfit and a dog for less than 30 dollars.

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Wayne High School teacher caught in sex2015-Apr-24

Wayne High School teacher caught in sex act with student


A Wayne High School Spanish teacher was caught performing a sex act on a 16 year old student while in her vehicle near Canal Lock Park, according to Huber Heights police Red Suede Dugueclina 100mm and court documents.


Kelsey L. Hartmann, 27, a married Centerville resident, is accused of three felony counts of sexual battery involving a minor. Nov. 21 on Endicott Road in Huber Multicolor Printed Pony Dugueclina 100mm Heights.


The charges carry a possible prison sentence of one to five years, and a $10,000 fine. Court documents show Hartmann admitted committing an offense to a Huber Heights detective. Hartmann is free on bond after a Tuesday morning pre trial hearing in Huber Heights. The case has been bound over to a grand jury for possible indictment. There are no court dates listed yet in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court.


Ohio Department of Education documents show that from 2005 to 2011, the departmentdid 526 investigations into allegations of sex offenses by educators. Numbers were not immediately available about what disciplinary action was taken due to those investigations.


According to the police report, the minor stated he had unprotected sex with Hartmann two days earlier in her husband's vehicle. The boy also told police the teacher started flirting with him at the end of last school year, mostly in phone calls or texts, according to reports.


The police report states that after the officer knocked on the window of the Jeep, "the female was shaking nervously and the male just sat there still and quiet." The boy first told the officer that he was 18 and that Hartmann said the boy told her he was 18. The boy later admitted to being 16.


The boy said he was going to go to the movies on his own but that Hartmann texted Black Leather Dugueclina 100mm him and asked to pick him up in her vehicle, the report said.


Hartmann initially wouldn't answer the officer's question about where she worked. After she said she was a teacher, the officer placed handcuffs on her, according to the report. She wasn't initially arrested, but was detained in the Montgomery County Jail from last Wednesday until Friday. A court official said Hartmann was formally charged and released after posting bond.


"We've been made aware of the investigation and the charges, and are putting (Hartmann) on paid administrative leave, effective immediately," Gunnell said last Black Leather Equestria 160mm week. "We also are directing her to have no contact at Wayne High School during the investigation."


Gunnell said she also would notify the Ohio Department of Education about the investigation, per protocol.


Hartmann would have had to pass several criminal background checks to teach at Wayne, per Ohio law. She reportedly had no prior criminal history. Court records did not show an attorney of record for Hartmann.

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